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Now available!  The new edition of the Visvanatha Cakravartin's Madhurya-kadambini with the commentary of Sri Ananta Das Babaji.  This edition has been corrected and improve by Jan Brzezinski (Jagadananda Das).  Look for it in the New Offerings section of this site.

Clearance sale!  We are dramatically lowering the prices on all the books of Ananta Das Baba.  Save up to 40% on his books.  Sale will last until every last book is sold!

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Welcome to Nitai's Bookstore.  A number of new books and older classics on Caitanya Vaisnavism and on the theology and worship of Radha and Krsna are now  available and more will be coming soon.  It seems like a good idea to make those books more easily available to those interested in these rather arcane topics.  Therefore, I have opened up this little bookstore to help distribute them. 

The profits from this store will go into the publishing fund of the Caitanya Sanskrit Tol and its subsidiary Blazing Sapphire Press (Ujjvala-nilamani Prakasana) --- you've got it --- to publish more arcane books!  As the books published by the Caitanya Sanskrit Tol become available, they will be offered for sale here. 

The books offered in this store are either by practicing Vaisnavas or unbiased or sympathetic scholars of Vaisnavism.   Many of them are not easily available outside of India and even in India they are sometimes hard to find.  I only offer books here by authors who are respectful towards Vaisnava, Vaisnavism. and scholars of Vaisnavism and who, in addition, have important perspectives on the tradition to share.  In the future I will offer some of the modern classic Vaisnava works, works by Premananda Bharati, Manindranath Guha, Sundarananda Vidyavinoda, Rasika Mohana Vidyabhusana, Radhagovinda Nath, and many more besides.  If you want something that I don't have that fits the qualifications given above, let me know and I will try to get it.

A number of books are currently in stock and more are on their way.  Please have a look and check back regularly.

Shipping and Handling Charges:

Previously, I included the shipping and handling charges in the price of the book or CD.  Since I have added the shopping cart feature, I have changed that.  Now, shipping and handling charges (15%) will be added on to the cost of the books at the time of check out.

In addition, orders from Missouri will be charged sales tax (7.5%) and orders for books to be sent outside the USA have had an extra $5.00 added to them.  This is based on my experience in sending books out of the country.  The cost of sending books outside the USA (and Canada and Mexico) is high.  Sorry for the increased cost.  I wish it were not so.

Recommended Books (available from Amazon):


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The Bhajan Kutir


There are larger discounts for quantity purchases on some items.

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